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detroit roofing company

Selecting a Roof Repair Company

detroit roofing company

Detroit Roofing Repair & Replacement – Selecting a Company Thant Can Help You

Ten years ago, the average workmanship warranty on a roof installation was just one year. If something went wrong just a year later, there was no warranty. We felt like this was entirely too short so we challenged ourselves on how we could offer not only more than a year, but a lifetime warranty! We spent a ton of time and effort creating a roof installation process that we could stand behind for 50+ years. This meant using only the highest quality materials as well. As a result, any roof we install carries a lifetime warranty on both materials and labor.

After 34 years of installing over 20,374 roofs, we’ve mastered the installation process and can guarantee you’ll never need to worry about your roof repair again. We’ve designed a roof repair system that will last your lifetime (and if you sell your home, the next homeowners lifetime as well). If we install your roof and it fails, you get a brand new roof, both materials and labor, FOR FREE! If it ever leaks again, we’ll come fix it FOR FREE!

How can we do this? It’s pretty straightforward really. We address every major component of your roof. You don’t see most of these after the roof is installed, so it’s easy for other roofers to take shortcuts:

Decking: After your roof is torn off, we inspect and replace any bad decking to insure we have a solid nailing base.
Underlayment: We use a synthetic underlayment (installed under your shingles) that is designed to handle any water that comes its way.
Ice and Water Shield: If you noticed all the icicles out there during winter, you have now seen an ice dam. Ice and Water Shield insures that no water can get into your home even if you have an ice dam in the winter.
Ventilation: Our roofing experts will do a complete analysis of your attic to determine exactly what type of ventilation system you need. Not all roofs are the same, but every roof needs a balanced system. That means intake (an area for air to enter your attic near the edge of the roof) and exhaust (an area for the air to exit your attic at the roof peak). This insures that your roof will “breathe” and it is required by the shingle manufacturers to keep your warranty in tact.
Flashing: We properly flash (or waterproof) all pipes, walls and valleys, which tend to be exactly where water wants to enter your home.
Shingles: We use the best shingles on the market manufactured by a company with over 100 years in the business. They are so confident in our installation process that they back our warranty with a lifetime warranty of their own so you get double coverage.

Let us replace your roof and you’ll never worry about it again!

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